Little Libraries Tour

WOW! The ladies were able to find 15 out of the 21 little libraries scattered around Regina.  Where might the other 6 be??
One of our favourite days of the year!  We picked our reading list for book club for Sep/18 - Jun/19!  So exciting.  A little field trip to Chapters to see all the jacket covers live just added to the excitement level!  A shame 3 book selections were not available today at Chapters. 

Let the reading begin! 

A few of the activities that we have been busy with over the last couple of months.  The executive enjoyed a time of relaxation together after our May 12, 2018 board meeting.  We attended the Pile O- Bones Derby Club (ladies roller derby). 

We had a "history of tea" presentation by Karen Howden of the Vintage Tea Room.  Very educational and inspirational to take the time to enjoy a well -deserved cuppa.

The Around the Town activity on Apr 25, 2018 where the group enjoyed walking around the track at The Fieldhouse and then a well deserved ice cream treat afterwards. 

We have some fun, one-off activities planned for this summer.
March 22, 2018 - Inspiration Night - Speaker Jennifer Ehrmantraut of Intentional You

Jennifer talked to us about the how events that occur in our lives causes emotion, action, habits and quality of life.  From those experiences, we can then choose our energy.  Jennifer provided some resources for the group and her intention was to provide us with tools to find our own joy and for us to find the inspiration within ourselves.

Be intentional and always drink your water!  :-)

Jennifer's website and she can be found on Facebook and Linkedin.