May 2015 Events

Walking Club:Mondays7pm
Bowling:Thursdaysat 9:00 am
Dinner Social:MondayMay 4th, 6:30pm
Craft and Chat:ThursdayMay 7th at 7 pm
Book Club:ThursdayMay 9th, 7 pm
Movie Night:TuesdayMay 12th, ~6:30pm
Potluck Lunch:FridayMay 15th, 1 pm
Lunch Bunch:ThursdayMay 21st, noon
Wine Night:FridayMay 22nd at 7 pm
New Members NightMondayMay 25th, 7pm
Shutterbugs:ThursdayMay 28th at 7:00 pm 
Games Night:SundayMay 30th at 7pm
Coffee Explorers:SundayMay 31st, 1-3pm
Couples Social:
check back next month
Dashing Divas:tbasee newsletter announcements

If you would like more information on any of these events, please contact the convener or email