January Inspiration Night


Januarys Inspiration Night was a presentation by Kelsey of RAW Holistic Nutrition.  We learned about the benefits of seeking the expertise of a Holistic Nutritionist.

Holistic Nutrition is a practice that encourages you properly nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Not only does holistic nutrition look at the physical body, but looks at the emotional and mental state of the the individual. It looks at all aspects of each individual and promotes wellness through proper diet, supplementation and lifestyle factors. Through holistic nutrition you will learn to understand why YOU need certain nutrients in your body to support your main health concerns and encourage you to change the way you live. As a holistic nutritionist, Kelsey encourages clients to eat whole, natural and organic foods whenever possible and to stay away from refined and processed foods. 

Kelsey took her certification through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  To check out Kelsey at RAW, you can visit her website www.rawholisticnutrition.com, instagram page @rawholisticnutrition or Facebook page RAW Holistic Nutrition.